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Big Day for Us Today – OracleCOACH Launches Expert Online Oracle Training

 Online Oracle Training from TEKHELPER




Today is the start of something special for us here at TEKHELPER. Our in-house Oracle Expert – Consultant, Trainer, DBA and all around nice girl, Claire Rajan begins our first Online Oracle Class under the OracleCOACH banner. We are starting with our SQL and PL/SQL (Structured Query Language) class and have excited students ready to go. The infrastructure is in place after thorough testing and we hope that this will be a new and exciting venture for us to share our knowledge on all things Databases and Oracle with the rest of the world.

Claire has a huge amount of real-world experience to draw upon and unlike most of us has the unique ability to break down a complex concept to something almost anyone – (even a non-techie) can understand. Her YouTube channel is extremely successful, her book on Oracle Database Administration has glowing reviews and she’s OCP certified on Oracle Versions 7.3, 8.0, 8i, 9i, 10g & 11g.

Our unique methodology supplements classroom training with actual self-study and hands on learning on a virtual machine running Oracle Enterprise Linux and the Oracle 11g Release 2 Database that closely mimics an actual real-world environment.

For more information head over to,

www.oraclecoach.comRead the rest

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