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Disable your Sidebar and Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7 & Vista…Now!

Windows Sidebar and Gadgets vulnerable to compromise

If you’re using the gadgets that come along with using the Windows Sidebar in either Windows Vista or Windows 7 please stop doing immediately.

We’re referring to the clock, weather, news, stock quotes and other such widgets that appear on your desktop and are constantly updated with live feeds.

Security researchers have discovered a potentially dangerous hole that could allow a malicious hacker to gain control over a PC running either Windows 7 or Vista.

In a very positive development the same security researchers have disclosed details to Microsoft who is working on a fix.

Visit this link from Microsoft for more information

The sidebar and widgets first implemented in Windows Vista were a sort of answer by Microsoft to Konfabulator – (remember that anyone?) and the Widgets in Mac OS X.

In any event support for Widgets is not integrated into Windows 8 with its Metro interface and it’s concept of Live Tiles. However that is a separate topic for discussion.

Your been warned, the time to turn off those Gadgets and the Windows Sidebar is now!… Read the rest

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‘Allo ‘Allo! – Bug with Skype causes Private Messages to be sent to Unintended Contacts

Bug with Skype

Users of the popular communications program Skype are advised to use the program with caution. Skype – owned by Microsoft, just released an update for their Windows and Linux versions of the program to correct a bug that may cause a private and perhaps confidential message to be sent to unintended contacts in one’s Contact List.

Apparently, this happens when the program crashes when you’re in the the middle of a message. Restarting the crashed program causes the er, “unexpected” behavior.

Skype’s Click2Call plugin was also the source of considerable frustration with a client of ours here at TEKHELPER. We discovered after much hair-pulling that it disables the, “Paste Special” option in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Pasting content into an Office document with the Click2Call plugin enabled results in the loss of all formatting.

Updating to the latest version of Skype should fix problems with Click2Call plugin and the messaging issues.… Read the rest

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