IT Consulting

Experienced IT Consultants

Since 2002, our team of experts has provided IT Support to businesses in the Baltimore and Washington DC Area and in Central Maryland. We have earned the reputation of being a trusted partner supporting clients on their path to success, rather than being just a provider of managed IT services or IT support.

Unlike most Managed Service Providers who try to acquire clients with the promise of a free Network Assessment and then frighten them telling them that they’re vulnerable, we work with clients quite differently:


  • Understanding their needs
  • Discovering what they would like to accomplish using technology
  • Reviewing their budgetary considerations

We then,

  • Systematically resolve any issues
  • Bring the network and technology to a reliable state, where everything just works
  • Keep the technology wheels turning smoothly once everything is working optimally

Once our clients experience the TEKHELPER difference with our unique combination of Managed IT Services AND a personal approach they usually refer us to their peers and associates for technology support and Managed IT Services.