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Inexpensive NAS with Private Cloud Feature

Secure, private cloud storage with your own NAS.

One our assignments today at TEKHELPER was to setup a really small law firm with a very limited budget. In addition to setting them up with IP Phones, we installed an inexpensive NAS – (Networked Storage Device) to in some ways replace the role of the traditional File-server and what powers their private cloud. We chose the DS411 made by Synology. This small little device accepts 4 drives in a RAID-5 configuration and offers decent read/write performance for a small office.

The big attraction with most of Synology’s products is their home-grown DSM – Disk Storage Manager, operating system which provides several features like cross-platform Windows, Linux and Mac compatibility. One very interesting feature that was incorporated in the DSM 4 release is the ability to host your own Private Cloud. Your data stays with in-house, but you still have the ability to access your NAS anywhere you have a connection to the internet on a Mac or PC with the free CloudStation software that Synology provides. Any changes you make to your data when you’re offline seamlessly synchronizes with the NAS back in the office when you’re back online. Image that your own private DropBox with 3 Terabytes of RAID 5 storage for less than a Thousand Dollars!

By the way TEKHELPER is in no way affiliated with Synology or being compensated by anyone for mentioning this product. It’s just our typical commitment to choosing what’s best for our clients, keeping their needs in mind at all times.… Read the rest

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